The Success Complex

Success at anything can seem extremely complicated and sometimes unattainable, but in other ways it is extremely simple if you can establish the right perspective and mindset.

The Success Complex by Adrian Kelly





A new way of
looking at success factors...

In this book, Adrian Kelly shares a new way of looking at success. While many focus on getting the best performance from themselves (a subject this book examines in-depth), other key aspects of true success are often ignored. Kelly takes widely accepted principles such as those centred on mindfulness and weaves them into the fabric of the sustained effort needed to achieve great things. 

Success Factors And Their Key Aspects
Success Factors And Their Key Aspects


These two aspects form what he describes as the A (activity) and B (balance) of success. While these are extremely important, Kelly contends that without an often overlooked third element the formula is incomplete. Ultimately, we are all on a path to somewhere and the C aspect is perhaps the most vital – Congruence. Congruence is the objective; the place where the A & B intersect, finding a place where sustained success can live.



Adrian Kelly is a qualified Solicitor, lecturer, and lifelong learner. He researches and writes on performance, sustainable success and well-being.


“This is not about me”

Adrian Kelly Author of The Success Complex

Success Factors and their Key Aspects - Who is it for?

Do You Feel Like You’re Drifting Through Life? Waiting On Something?

Do You Feel Dissatisfied And Unfulfilled?

Or Have You Tried Many Things And Many Times, But It Just Hasn’t Happened?

Success Factors And Their Key Aspects

Success at anything is not complex, but it can be very tough. It requires things like consistency, sacrifice and endurance.

Why Ask More?

Success Factors And Their Key Aspects

Our help does not involve Hypnosis, but it provides a great example of the results that people can achieve, when the noise and clutter of the mind is put to one side. People under hypnosis can do incredible things. But, guess what, we can all do incredible things. Things we never thought possible, when we learn to trust ourselves and dig deep. Our goal is to help you do this.

The Success Complex by Adrian Kelly

The Key Aspects to
True Success

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