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Adrian Kelly

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ABOUT YOUR HOST: Adrian Kelly is a qualified Solicitor, lecturer, and lifelong learner. He researches, writes and speaks on performance, sustainable success and well-being. “This is not about me” Adrian’s objective is to shine a light on some of the great success stories which go under the radar and bring key learnings to a wider audience. He feels that success is perceived incorrectly, in general terms, and wants to deepen the readers understanding of what success should perhaps mean to people. Sometimes this involves not taking ourselves too seriously and allowing more enjoyment into our lives. His writing draws on many interviews conducted with successful people, in all walks of life. His goal is to share this knowledge and help people find meaningful success. THE SUCCESS COMPLEX book: To pre-order a copy of Adrian’s book ’The Success Complex’ please go to Amazon and search ’The Success Complex’

Episode 1:
Imagining the Impossible

Episode 1: Imagining the Impossible

Episode Description: We interview Irish professional chess player and coach Mark Quinn regarding the power of imagining the impossible when it comes to problem solving. Not just in chess but also in life.

Episode 2:
Sustaining High Performance

Episode 2: Sustaining High Performance

Episode Description: Many people have a complicated relationship with success. Some have it but can’t see it. Others see it but can’t appreciate it. Most of us are surprised to find that it doesn’t bring as much fulfillment as we had expected. However, with the right perspective and mindset, all of us can learn how to enjoy not just the destination but the journey as well. Adrian Kelly speaks to people who have unique insights into what success really looks like.