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Adrian Kelly

Adrian Kelly is a qualified Solicitor, lecturer, and lifelong learner. He researches and writes on performance, sustainable success and well-being.

“This is not about me”

Adrian’s objective is to shine a light on some of the great success stories which go under the radar and bring key learnings to a wider audience. He feels that success is perceived incorrectly, in general terms, and wants to deepen the readers understanding of what success should perhaps mean to people. Sometimes this involves not taking ourselves too seriously and allowing more enjoyment into our lives. His writing draws on many interviews conducted with successful people, in all walks of life. His goal is to share this knowledge and help people find meaningful success.

Adrian Kelly Author of The Success Complex
Adrian Kelly at the 2023 Cavan Chess Congress
Success Factors And Their Key Aspects



Do You Feel Like You’re Drifting Through Life? Waiting On Something? Do You Feel Dissatisfied And Unfulfilled? Or Have You Tried Many Things And Many Times, But It Just Hasn’t Happened?



How to ask more of themselves and from life, based on a clear understanding of what’s truly important.

How to obtain perspective and balance.

Ultimately, the reader will learn how to obtain the type of success that really matters and can positively change their life.

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