'The Success Complex' Uses Real Life Case Studies And Examples To Show How Peace, Acceptance And Fulfilment Can Be Attained.


Success at anything can seem extremely complicated and sometimes unattainable, but in other ways it is extremely simple if you can establish the right perspective and mindset.

In this book, Adrian Kelly shares a new way of looking at success. While many focus on getting the best performance from themselves (a subject this book examines in-depth), other key aspects of true success are often ignored. Kelly takes widely accepted principles such as those centred on mindfulness and weaves them into the fabric of the sustained effort needed to achieve great things. These two aspects form what he describes as the A (activity) and B (balance) of success. While these are extremely important, Kelly contends that without an often overlooked third element the formula is incomplete. Ultimately, we are all on a path to somewhere and the C aspect is perhaps the most vital – Congruence. Congruence is the objective; the place where the A & B of success intersect, finding a place where sustained success can live.

Sustained success is not only repeatable and lasting but, it is a success that will also sustain and nourish you. This place, is different for all of us and in this book we take a journey which will help you find yours.
The Success Complex uses real life case studies and examples to show how peace, acceptance and fulfilment can be attained.

The Success Complex by Adrian Kelly
Provocative and practical, The Success Complex creates a template for a new understanding of the pursuit of success and how the simplest changes in mindset create the immediate freedom to be who you are.


• How to ask more of themselves and from life, based on a clear understanding of what’s truly important.

• How to obtain perspective and balance.

• Ultimately, the reader will learn how to obtain the type of success that really matters and can positively change their life.

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